We perform research activities on different aspects of AI technology. Here you find the overview of ongoing projects.

Research Topics

AI supported Photosensing

Smart bio-hybrid photo-organisms 
for environmental in-situ monitoring

Hand Gesture Recognition using Surface Electromyography and inertial Measurement Unit Data

Prediction of hand movements for multisensory biosignal data.

Intelligent Robots for Autonomous Ultrasound Imaging

Image-based robot control using deep neural networks and enable the robot to continuously learn sensorimotor skills using probabilistic reinforcement learning.

Machine Learning for Predictions in Autonomous Driving

Prediction of dangerous behaviors of pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter riders for autonomous driving.

Neural Networks in Healthcare and Homecare

Implementation of a digital platform utilizing neural networks to analyze patient´s images of their own eyes and predict an accurate diagnostic.

Recurrent Neural Networks and Grammatical Inference

Use of RNNs in the process of verifying reactive systems, which until now has been reserved for grammatical inference.

Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Drifting of Model Cars

A reinforcement learning algorithm based on a neural network for the autonomous drifting of model cars.

Vehicle mass and center of mass estimation based on deep learning

Design of an estimator for the mass, and the location of the center of mass, of a vehicle.