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The main focus of our project is to develop a platform allowing its users to perform research and gain qualification in the area of Artificial Intelligence. While systems based on AI were repeatedly proven to be increasingly valuable, their implementation remains highly complex and therefore poses a considerable challenge to developers.

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Our solution covers different aspects that allow to implement AI-systems rapidly. You can train your system with preprocessed data and evaluate it (also using robots) in the real environment. We generate a basis for continual learning so you can collect additional data and improve the results that can again be deployed and evaluated on the platform.

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Many institutes of the university of Lübeck are working together for the research on this project, each bringing a new perspective to the extensive topic of artificial intelligence, which grants us a unique insight into the features that an AI research platform needs.

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An initial and continuing training programme is being put in place for students at the university and, in particular, for economic partners, to meet the urgent need for AI experts both within and beyond the Lübeck region.

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